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Residential Moves

Doveleys's friendly & professional home moving service offers fully insured, efficient and careful transfer of your belongings.  We're happy to assemble and/or dismantle your appliances and bring them to  exactly where you want them. We can cater from individual moves you just can't get in a taxi to large home moves, using the assistance (if required) of our removal company contacts that we've successfully worked with in the past.  

Moving philosophy

It has been estimated that in the UK the average person moves seven times in their lifetime. Each time often involves moving more precious and worldly possessions, which can be stressful, which is why it is best to prepare what you can to make the change-over run more smoothly.  We at doveleys endeavour to handle each item as if it was our own through your old and new abode.


Also, If you have time, bringing boxes to an accessible area can reduce moving costs and allow you more time in case of time-sensitive changeovers.

You may be astounded when grouping your stuff just how much there is, but fear not as we have years of experience  loading economically and efficiently whilst protecting each item.

Conversely, a pragmatic stock take of your posessions before a move is wise and can be quite cathartic.

Maybe organise a charity box for unwanted clothes, toys, kitchenware, etc.

We are happy to take any belongings you may wish to dispose of too.

Ending on a slightly more intrigiung note, the University of Bath has discovered that giving up smoking is more achievable when moving home

But with doveleys removals a stress free move is guaranteed!  







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